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Hal Morimoto

Advisor, Business Development

Hal is an Advisor of Business Development, with a special focus on expanding the client profiles to institutional financial investors as well as corporate strategic investors in Japan.

Hal Morimoto is passionate about growing the communities of Japanese LPs to global standards as he is a true believer of "trickle down theory in PE" where highly experienced LPs can shape the markets to create a positive spiral of risk money all the way from LPs to fund managers, then to investment targets such as startups. Hal has spent over 20 years of experience dealing with institutional investors in Japan who have primarily been involved with private equity, venture capital and other alternative investing.

Prior to Revere, Hal has been a host and organizer of Astoria Investor Forum (2001-2019), an investor education conference to promote best practices in the industry and organizing investor community, and assisted LPs to get connected with top tier fund managers in PE, VC and alternative assets from world-wide. Hal has hosted investor education events, BornGlobal FORUM (2015-2022) for corporate strategic investors in Japan and the US, promoting best practices in the professionals who are engaged in open innovation work and Corporate Venturing.

In 2003 Hal took part in the formation of the Limited Partners Working Group, an organization modeled after ILPA, with 16 senior LPs in Japan as co-founders. This organization has remained active in the LP community to date. What started out as an outlier of investment topics in Japan - investing in PE & VC - has gained wide recognition within the investment community in Japan as one of the important pillars in the institutional asset class. As a result of his activities in the past two decades, Hal has been recognized as a community builder of private equity investing by colleagues in the industry.

Hal is also passionate about startup education in Japan where he was engaged as adjunct associate professor on entrepreneurship at SBI Graduate School (2008-2020) and Attachers Business School (2001 - 2006) where he taught "startup strategy" of VC backed startups.

Hal has returned to the US, and has become a resident of California since 2017. Graduate of BSE, Systems Engineering, Arizona State University.

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