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Andrew Chalas

Product Manager

Andrew helps propel Revere forward by leading the buildout of our flagship product. He leverages his prior experience in crafting strategy for companies large and small.

Andrew is a product manager at Revere VC and helps establish and execute our product vision. He is passionate about all things entrepreneurship and technology. This passion has allowed him to amass experience as a founder, startup consultant, startup investor, and tech strategist. He launched his career with Silicon Valley Bank’s credit arm, analyzing deals ranging from seed to LBO to public. After a stint with SVB’s product strategy team, he moved on to a strategy role for a VC/PE-backed B2B marketplace.

Hailing from Massachusetts, he graduated from The University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a BBA in Finance, with a concentration in alternative investments and financial analysis. You may find him playing hockey, riding his road bike, or accidentally recreating a Jackson Pollock while attempting to cook in the kitchen.

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